Swarming with Excitement

Hello All.

Now that we’ve got Orwell Industries in the can for our Powers & Perils line and Sovereign Nation is well underway, I’m feeling pretty friendly and thought, what the heck, let’s tell you the next great thing coming up for P&P. It’s the Swarm. What is the Swarm? Well, I didn’t say, I’d tell you everything. I can tell you a few things. It’s in the preliminary stages. We’ve got a basic outline and I’ve got a direction I want to take this one. I’m looking at a writer that’d be new to our design studio, a local fellow, whom I’ve begun gaming with. His writing is solid and he’s just completed his most recent work with Eden Studios. What’d he work on, you ask? Well, some stuff for the City of Heroes RPG. We think he’ll fit right in, but we’ll see. ;)

Developments on RunePunk are getting exciting as we’re entering the final stages of the final stages. Rather than continuing to kick the tires, I’m looking at dropping the engine into this bad boy, pull out a few dents, slap on a little paint, and see how fast it will go. Hopefully, you’ll come away from this with the fact I’m excited about how RunePunk is now fitting my vision and how I’m chomping at the bit to get it out there into your hands. It’s dark steampunk fantasy at its finest. I had a few concerns, but after rewriting certain elements I got the same “writer’s buzz” I did when working on the Agents of Oblivion stuff. Man, I love that “writer’s buzz”.

I’m gonna get the Player’s Guide for Iron Dynasty to everyone from whom I’ve received NDAs this week. Top priority. (Now, if you read the other section, you’ll see where I wrote, RunePunk is top priority. No, everything cannot possibly be top priority. RunePunk falls just behind the PG, because I made a firm commitment to get that out into people’s hands this week and I do my best to keep my commitments. It’s about when I originally planned it anyway, as I expected the NDAs to trickle in. However, I thought I’d be waiting on the playtesters instead of the other way around, but there ya go!)



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