Getting it Right

Hello All…

Remember the revamping I mentioned last week? Well, I did it and sent it off to Clint who said, upon reading it, “I liked it a lot.” In my book, that’s high praise. :)

What’d I do? Well, I refined/retooled all the arcane backgrounds where there is a clearer, more definite balance, and I’ve introduced an element into the game I’m very pleased with called Arcane Companions. I’d toyed with them months ago and had one of a sort for the inventor, but expanded it out for distinct types for all the arcane backgrounds, including chemists and shadowpriests. I may well provide a sneak of some of these types in the coming days as we begin spotlighting some of the elements of RunePunk more regularly. I added appropriate new edges for these arcane backgrounds and a good sprinkling of new powers. It cleaves closely to the core book, but expands things out in some exciting new ways that really give you the feel of the setting. I’m really looking forward to running this.

I’m looking to get this into editing before too terribly long, but other things, like getting Orwell Industries ready for release and doing some Iron Dynasty work has hampered the process. Have no fear though, now that some other items have moved out of the way and a definite workflow is developing, RunePunk is the number one priority. More news as it develops. :)




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