Takin’ Care of Business

Hello All…

Let’s jump immediately to the news.

Last week was an exceedingly busy one, having got Orwell Industries off to layout and now it’s in the hands of Green Ronin for approval.

In other words, this is coming soon! Check out the Powers & Perils section of the site for a sneak peak of the cover. ;)

I also got a chance to game this past weekend. Very cool. I got in some Zombies, played Munchkin for the first time- I won with a SuperMunchkin Dark Elf Master Wizard/Master Thief, and got to run some Savage Worlds. What did I run? Well, I only half-expected to run a game, but I came prepared and ran Journey to Red Temple. The guys had a blast and some unbelievable good fortune. I get a real kick out of this adventure every time I run it. If you haven’t played it, check it out. One of the players commented that he’s played a lot of oriental rpgs, but they continuously got bogged down in excessive rules and irrelevant detail. He went on to say that Iron Dynasty played well and was lots of fun. I told him, and I’ll tell you, that I’m going for the cool feeling of a samurai movie. I hope you agree.

Where’d all this gaming goodness take place? At the good, new shop of Fanatic Games. The guys are cool and are actual gamers, not posers, so if you live in the Memphis area, you should check them out and support your friendly, neighborhood game shop. It’s got plenty of room for play and the guys are also working on miniatures and have a splendid set-up and are always up for gaming. In fact, they keep a few demo copies of games open and they encourage play. This reminds me of the old family hobby shop, Viking Hobbies. Heck, I was playing Munchkin and a few of the guys from the Viking days came through the door and waxed nostalgic for a moment. The atmosphere is cool and, no, I’m not being paid for this. Check it out, will ya? :)

I’ll be running some games there probably Friday day and then set up a regular, weekly schedule.



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