Talk about the Passion

Hello All,

If you’ve been following along, it’s 2007 and I’ve been derelict in my duty, to both of us, to encapsulate my experiences as I evolve in the gaming industry. Some people post constantly, such as “today, I got a hangnail” and some people post all to infrequently, such as yours truly of late. It’s not because I don’t like it here, nor because I don’t like writing, it’s just that I’m writing stuff that needs to be done and some of that stuff can’t be talked about yet and some of that stuff may well end up completely different than it currently appears or some of that stuff is lower than the bottom shelf stuff, some of it is the dank, dark brew the bartender keeps near the drain cleaner. This is pure rotgut he collects by looting the near-comatose forms of whinos twitching in the cold in the back alleys, shrouded in mist and magazines. In other words, stuff that isn’t fit for human consumption. Honest writers admit they create that from time to time as well. (And the other kind, well, we know better don’t we?) So, that’s why there are doldrums of words here and there. Sometimes, it’s like my fingers only have so many words in them during a day and once they are spent, that’s it. No more. Mind you leave off crosswords, they say. Don’t dare jot down a post it. They are done. They say stick to your memory for once. We’ll see you tomorrow. Why not hike a bit while you’re at it? We fingers do more work than the lot of you. Of course, this could be entirely my imagination or my fingers having a mind of their own. But if it were the latter…well, nevermind.

I’m writing profusely. I didn’t stop. I just stopped doing it where you could see it for a bit. ;)

I’m every bit as passionate about writing today as ever. In all honesty, probably moreso. I could explain why, but my fingers are threatening to go on holiday and I might need them later.

Take care,


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