The Rest of the Year Ahead

Hello All,

I’m not going to reflect on what’s gone on before. This is the mad lab where dreams are made and screams are heard and what good is a mad lab if you don’t experiment, right?

I should let you know that though the lab looks quiet from the outside, we’ve been quite busy working on various bits of salacious entertainments for your gaming pleasure. Well, perhaps not quite salacious, but definitely entertaining. For those loving the True20, you’ll find that Erica Balsley and I worked on the True20 Companion for Green Ronin. What a blast it was working with Erica. A pleasure as always. Look for her dark influence in Agents of Oblivion: The Big Book. Matthew Kaiser worked on the Companion as well. Kinda nifty to see three of the AoO folks make the GR cut. Good jobs all around. You’re wondering, why post that here? Well, it has a street date coming up and will be well worth every penny you spend on it.

I’m working closely with the Iron Dynasty gang and the playtesting seems to be on solid footing. I’ve got the PG done, detailed histories of the lands, and a comprehensive outline and structure for the rest of the book, so it’s well on track. I worked on that over November and December while collating notes on AoO which has picked up momentum since the first of the year. In addition to RunePunk, we’re aspiring to see Agents of Oblivion True20 Edition, Iron Dynasty, and AoO SW hit before this year ends. We also intend to have one sheets and support products for all our lines as well. We’ll give more detailed reveals as we get further along in the year.

One thing that warrants mention is Iron Dynasty: Showdown Edition which is a close colloboration between Stacy Young and myself. He’s taking the world of Nagano, the lands of the Iron Dynasty, into a different direction where you can experience some of the epic battles between magic and mecha, warlords and war machines, for yourself. The factions and variety are truly outstanding and I can’t wait to play! This brings additional depth to a robust campaign world and you be confident it’s in good hands.

Enough for now. I’ll try not to be a stranger. :)




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