Ummm, Happy New Year and Other News

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I cannot really explain why. Sure it was a busy year and December even busier than most times of the year, but I was still working, still writing, but, as I pause to reflect upon it, I think I just wasn’t prepared to distill events down into words. I wanted to savor them just a bit before getting them out there. Honestly, I cannot exactly say why.

Happy New Year!

We’re well into 2007 already and it seems to be rushing ahead like a steampunk stallion with mane ablaze. RunePunk should hit the shores and the stores soon. Keep your eye out. The pre-release copies are all but gone and people across the lands are already getting their game on in ScatterPoint. I’d especially like to thank Dave “DavePunk” Mcguire for latching onto the setting and really getting the good word out, running lots of games in the real word and the ether alike. He’s also got a nice slice of ScatterPoint in The ScatterPoint Sentinel available on the Harrowed Halls website which is run by Evil Mike and Chaos Steve who are the official demo folk for Pinnacle.

More good news. Check out my podcast interview with Ron and Veronica at The Game’s The Thing. We had a great talk and I unveiled many veiled things. I’m certain most of them will be revealed here, but not quite yet. All in due time. Evidently, I didn’t muck things up too terribly as they’ve invited me back later on in the year to discuss some other madnesses brewing that aren’t, strictly speaking, Savage Worlds related. I look forward to it.

Even as RunePunk hits the stores, I’m neck deep in Agents of Oblivion. Also, the second round of Iron Dynasty playtesting progresses nicely so everything seems to be strangely on track. *keeping fingers crossed*

Oh yeah, I’m running through the True20 iteration of Agents of Oblivion first, though certain parties, ahem Ed W, have been cooercing me to get the SW underway, so it seems like parallel development has again raised its ugly head. I’m more experienced this time round, so I think we can nimbly handle it. Besides, with the likes of Clint Black, the aforementioned Ed Wetterman, Erica Balsley, John Rogers, and Matthew Kaiser working on this with me, I cannot help but think of that line from Con Air, “My pa always said many hands make for light work.” We’ll see how that turns out but every one of these folks can write. Or maybe it’s the subject matter that just makes all of look good?!

Speaking of looking good, Clint’s interview with Ron and Veronica is now available and the show clocks in about an hour and fifty minutes, so be prepared to kick back, pull out your pad and pencil, and take notes. This is Clint we’re talking about here. He know’s things. And people. And sometimes reveals his connection between the twain. Listen. You’ll understand.

Anything else? Sure. Preston and the boys from 12 to Midnight are gonna make their way to Origins this year, so I’ll finally get to meet them face to face. I predict good gaming and good times. We’re also planning a few things to show off the intertwining of AoO and ETU. Let’s see if we can make that happen.

Now, here’s a bit of news that should catch everybody out. Stacy Young, a native Memphian and longtime gamer, and I bumped into each other at Midsouth Con a year or two ago and discovered our mutual interest in Savage Worlds. Interestingly enough, I introduced Stacy to gaming via the family business- I grew up in a hobby shop, remember- and we finally sat down and talked about him getting involved with Reality Blurs. He’s going to give it a spin. He did a bang up job running some Star Wars games at Shadowcon here in Memphis, one of which I got the opportunity to game in, and he’s a great ref and makes some fantastically cool terrain. You’ll be seeing more of him and his terrain at upcoming conventions as time and scheduling allows. I’m pleased to welcome Stacy Young aboard as Event Coordinator for Reality Blurs. He’s got a lot of great ideas and is a really pleasant guy and we look forward to having him on the team. Please make him welcome. Will ya?

If you want to run games or events promoting the Reality Blurs product lines, please contact him at for details.

This frees me up a bit to focus on the other billion things I need to be doing, like creating hyper links to all the things I mentioned in this post. Well, as time allows. :)

One other thing that bears mentioning in a post all its own, but look at what I’m doing anyway, I’m the gaming guest of honor at MidSouth Con this year. It’s the 25th year of the con and I’ll be guesting with such luminaries as Terry Prachett and Mark Waid. How cool? Last year, I paneled with Rich Blewer and had a great time. The year before that I got to panel with E.E. Knight. As a native Memphian, it’s a great honor to be attending the show in this capacity and it shows the strides I’m making personally as well as professionally. If you’re in the area March 23rd-25th, swing on by.



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