Hello All,

Nervous energy permeates the air as a write these words. Wow. Reality is blurring after all. I’ve created RunePunk and already you guys are breathing life into it. How awesome is that? I’m excited that I’m able to bring something unique and novel to the marketplace and I want to let you know this is only the beginning. We’re getting better understandings of things to make the entire experience better. I’m delighted people often talk about “how RunePunk reads like a story”. For me, that’s very exciting. It was a novel direction for a mainstream RPG, but I strived to make it the RPG I always wanted. Direct. Honest. Exciting. Fun. Hopefully, I’ve accomplished these goals. It’s ultimately up to you to decide. At the end of the day, if I may be direct, you find it exciting and fun. Honest!

Take care,


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