Upcoming Punkiness and Dark Heroes

Hello All,

What’s in the work for RunePunk? Well, first things first. The book is shipping and hitting the streets any time now. As our first hardcover release, we’re absolutely excited about it “getting out there”. Additional support materials for RunePunk are already well underway and you can expect some nifty stuff such as the RunePunk PDF, Figure Flats, GM Screen and additional adventures over the course of the upcoming year. Things you’d normally expect with any new release.

In the Dark Heroes department, Agents of Oblivion is coming together nicely. I’ve crafted some stuff for Ed Wetterman related to AoO that is going to integrate into the upcoming 12 Hours to Midnight by 12 to Midnight. I can’t say much more than that at this time except it was fun stuff that will put proof in the pudding regarding our collaborative efforts. We’re definitely on the same page when it comes to horror. I’m also getting further and further into the whole AoO vibe and it’s delightful. We know AoO can’t be all things to all people. If it were, it’d lose it’s distinctiveness, so I’m churning decidely in one particular direction and I find it very, very creepy as do the people I share it with, so that means I’m doing it right.

You can find an AoO vignette located in the Agents of Oblivion section.

Take care and leave a light on!



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