The Approach of Steam and Shadow and What Lies Beyond

Hello All.

I’m busily squaring everything away and I’ll have some big, exciting news to unleash on you all shortly.

Suffice to say, I’ve got the distributor lined up for Reality Blurs products and I’ve got printers lined up for RunePunk and I’m happy to announce that I’ve got a wonderful layout professional on board to add his magic to the project. The person in question? I’ll surprise you with it next week, but if you’re a Savage, you’ve seen his work.

RunePunk is slated to be a full color hardback and along the lines of quality you’ve come to expect from Pinnacle. I’m relatively certain of the page count, but I’m going to await the layout guy for confirmation.

I’ll also be announcing the release date of RunePunk very shortly. I’ve got to apprise the distributor soon, so they can start generating presales, but I’m happy to say I’ve got this part of the equation out of the way.

Other news awaits in the wings, such as a detailed Origins report, but that baby is gonna have to wait. My editor, Jodi Black, has begun sending me bits and pieces to expand and clarify on RunePunk so that is my main focus at the present and will probably be for quite a bit.

I’ve assembled a solid team for Agents of Oblivion which I’ll be announcing shortly and am looking forward to announcing the involvement of a writer familiar to those with a penchant towards horror gaming. ;)

Stay tuned. Must…write…more…RunePunk… :P



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