The Boss Hat

Hello All.

I’m hula-hooping, juggling, and reciting one of those Canterbury’s Tales in Middle English (you know the one, the Miller’s Tale?). Okay, I’m really not but it feels like it when you’re talking with artists and distributors, doing last round editing, and discussing the development of other projects in the works and rounding up writers and editors and sorting out contracts and what-have-you. That is the dark side of gaming. There’s a lot more than just coming up with something nifty to write about, it’s the Boss Hat you’ve gotta put on and focus on the business side of things.

That being said, I’ve got a great professional layout and graphics man lined up for some major projects, starting with RunePunk. I’ve entered talk with a great artist I want to establish the style I have in mind for Agents of Oblivion (Project Big Book) and have tapped into some great talent for AoO as well which I’ll be annoucning in the near future.

I’ve also managed to shape up the production schedule through the end of 2007 and will be looking forward to coming out with many new items for your gaming pleasure as reality continues to blur. ;)



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