The Great Sidewiki Experiment

We’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience and, to that end, we’re embracing Google Sidewiki by adding a little something called the Sidewiki Web Element to our sidebar. With this new feature, we invite you to contribute to our web site in a new and unique way. In essence, you get to help create content for us!

Google Sidewiki is simple: comment on or expound upon any content on any web page with helpful tips, background information, and added perspectives. Additionally Sidewiki allows you to:

  • share any entry via Twitter, Facebook, or copy and paste a link to the entry provided in the Sidewiki UI,
  • simultaneously post to your blog when you publish an entry,
  • display a feed of all of your Sidewiki entries across the web on your Google Profile and in Google Buzz, and
  • read other users’ entries on any given page and rate their usefulness.

Typically, you’d need to use the Google Toolbar, a browser extension, or the Sidewiki bookmarklet to access Sidewiki, but we’ve added Google’s new Sidewiki Web Element to make it even more convenient to use. Now you can read and write Sidewiki entries on any page in any browser without the need for additional software.

Sidewiki really is a tool built for the community. If you’ve played one of our games or have a review you’d like to share, please feel free to add your entry to an appropriate page and share it with the world.

Let’s see what we can do with this nifty new technology!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know on the forums or our Facebook page. You know how to reach us.

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