The Quietude and the Maelstrom

For all you regular folks wondering where I’ve been, there has been multiple factors conspiring to prevent you from getting a regular dose of my razor wit. The first and foremost has been the heat. It’s been ridiculously hot, and while I’m able to block it out and work on, when the work stops, I find myself in a little inferno and I am utterly and completely drained. The only thing on my mind is the heat, and, believe me, I’m sparing you from adding to the commentary everyone’s been having about the weather. The second, and far more interesting reason, is the work I’ve been doing. As you know, when I’m quiet to the world, it generally means I’m in the Mad Lab cooking up countless madnesses.

I’ve been working on Ravaged Earth and eagerly awaiting the remaining bits of art. All that remains is dropping the art into the project and pulling the trigger. Every bit of the work is done and the art that’s coming in looks fantastic.

I’ve also been really preparing for the tremulus Kickstarter. We have been busy getting all the bits and pieces together, and the playtests have been going grand. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This is a passion project for me on a personal level as it’s something which is divergent from anything I’ve done before.

And, lastly, there is the pending release of Shaintar. I had promised you we’d get something special out there for you in the not terrible future, and the not terrible future is nearly upon us. I won’t say when to keep an eye on this page, but I’d say check back frequently, if you catch my meaning. (And by frequently, I mean daily, and by daily, I mean, maybe tomorrow.)

Things are brewing here in the Mad Lab and the month of August is really going to blow up. Hang onto your fedora, your sword, and your sanity. The storm is about to hit us all.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!





1 Note on “The Quietude and the Maelstrom”

  1. Shaintar! Tremulus! My head would explode from excitement, but it fell off in the staircase during the play-test.

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