The Sanity Spiral

Though I’m in the throes of juggling many myriad settings and works, I return to AoO to keep an eye on this dark cauldron. To that end, and perhaps prompted by renewed interest in the setting, I’ve developed a cornerstone of the SW iteration of AoO, namely the Sanity System. Taking a page from my previous approaches to the issue of sanity, I’ve created a mechanic that should nimbly and robustly provide a fast, furious system that provides fun even as your mind crumbles around you. I’m hoping to sneak a quick quality check of it in prior to some Iron Dynasty playtesting. Theoretically, it looks good. I just have to see if it plays out as planned.

Regarding Agents of Oblivion for True20…I’m still moving forward on this and have begun to put in art orders on the bestiary as I nail down the Agent’s Guidebook to Oblivion. Until next time, keep a loaded gun under your pillow and, might I suggest, a handful of those runescribed bullets?



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