Konichiwa 08

Hello All!

As I move past the mechanics of the Player’s Guide and have created a framework for the characters in the world, I return my attention to Konoyo, the known world of Iron Dynasty. The storylines have been laid out and details are being added, the little embellishments and niceties that make a setting come to life. Though I’ve long imagined the world in bright shades, the darker colors are starting to bleed through and some of the creepiest stuff I’ve thought up is going to grace the pages of Sins of the Samurai. It’s not just for you folks interested in the east, either. Sins of the Samurai is packed with political intrigue, exotic locales, and more oni than you can swing a stick at. As we move forward, we’re also keeping a close on how this is going to integrate into the Showdown Edition and some neat things are arising from the continual world development that are going to make their way into your miniature battles. This is definitely not going to be traditional oriental fantasy. We’ve got steampunk integrated into the setting as well, plus a myriad of new creatures culled from myth and the madness within my mind.

Keep your sword sharp and your chants constant. Progress is definitely being made. Artists are being lined up, graphic designers are in the wings, and it’s full steam ahead. ;)




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