The Truth is Out There!

Okay…well, maybe not, but Agents of Oblivion is. Wrapped up neatly in Worlds of Adventure from Green Ronin, Agents of Oblivion leads off the pack of “Five Thrilling Worlds for True20!”

I like the blurb they put about it…

“Fight against the horrifying forces of the unknown in Agents of Oblivion…”

Buy it Here!

Heck yeah! That’s what I’m talking about and they give us our props as one of the True20 Setting Search winners! That’s definitely what I’m talking about.

Please check it out and get ready for the thrill ride that’ll be in store for you when the Big Book hits the shelves. What’s in store before that? Some adventures and other good stuff to help you hone your skills.

Remember: Keep to the shadows!


Sean Preston
Creator, Agents of Oblivion

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