Inverse Proportions


Lately it seems, the more I write offscreen, the less I write here. It’s not that I don’t like our little chats, it’s just getting more and more hectic to work them in, so please don’t think I don’t care. I appreciate the emails and contact I get from the outside world and enjoy sharing what’s going on with the design parts of my process, but I’m just a bit edgy as projects come to completion. Congratulate me, I’ve had my first official Green Ronin publishing credit…which is kinda weird, because it’s still my stuff, so the best of both worlds, right?

Anyway…I’m too busy constructing these dynamic insanities at the moment to go into details about some of the other stuff. I hope to address some of those in a post-mortem on RunePunk and some of the other projects. I do enjoy sharing these facts and hope they help others out. I know writing out the process helps me on multiple levels as my thoughts get better defined and refined…

I’m also posting a lot less on a lot of the forums lately for the same reason. I’m entirely too busy and am growing too disciplined to throw in my opinions on things not directly relevant to what I’ve got going on. I still keep an eye to the boards, but keep my thoughts to myself. Down that road lies a lot of unfinished projects and unfulfilled promises. I’m trying to get on with the coolness. Please stand by. :)



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