The Week in Review

Hello All.

I’m beat today and feeling a bit melancholy. I’ll blame it on the weird weather and random sleep patterns last night.

Let’s see.

What’s new? Work continues on Agents of Oblivion: Starfall Jungle. I should be getting art for that the latter part of the week. Also, most of the RunePunk art is in, so that’s a very good thing. I’m meeting at my lead artist’s studio on Wednesday to review everything we have to date.

What else? Hmmm…I became a member of the GPA. Seemed like the right thing to do after becoming an honest-to-goodness publisher. Very cool. Very glad I joined. I’ll update the website with a logo when/if things settle down a bit.

Lastly, many thanks to everyone that supported our first product, Journey to Red Temple. If you haven’t gotten it, then why not???



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