Wound Up and Tired Out

I’m back from GenCon and am happy to have encountered a lot of good people, yet I cannot help but return from the convention with the sense that I’m running behind and that I’m too tired to immediately do good work.

It’s odd, because a lot of people find a convention thrilling and exciting- and they are- but also relaxing. Me? Relaxing is shooting a game of pool or chilling out reading a book. Fun and relaxing are not necessarily synonymous as far as I’m concerned.

My mind is bursting with lots of ideas from exposure to lots of neat things. Ideas that I’ve had to jot down and set to the side for the present while I explore avenues of my projects with priorities.

As I write this, my mind feels like it’s wrapped up in cotton candy cobwebs and the thinking is more muddled than it has a right to be. I should be resting, relaxing, chilling out, before I go back to the grind, so I’m going to go grab a book from the pile of those I’ve been too busy to pick up and curl up in my chair for awhile. If I get sleepy, I’m not even gonna push through, I’m gonna let myself fall into the hidden mysteries of dream.



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