The Words Must Flow

These past months have been full of surprises, assessments, life changes, friends, and family, and holidays, and all sorts of other things. Essentially, life moving along. And the words must flow. I’ve been writing and doing layout and all the other things needs demand, yet I’ve been quieter than I have in the past. More introspective and reflective. Focusing my thoughts more inwardly, while popping up regularly (or, at least semi-regularly) on Twitter and Facebook, but not so much here. I needed some quiet space for a bit, and I may still, yet the New Year is a good demarcation point to resume outward contact with the world in some way, sense or fashion.

For those of you who wonder if I fell off the planet, I’m still holding on. It’s largely a matter of gravity. I’m happy to get the transmissions going once more, and look forward to what each new day brings. If you see a shift in my tone, be aware I’m in the process of creative evolution and personal development. Ultimately, as many of our projects, I’m a work in progress.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.






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