Three New Realms of Cthulhu Edges for Your Consideration

We just released Mytho Tales #1 the other day, so my mind has been wandering down dark paths of late. I’ve been catching up on our forums (since the revamp, it’s much easier) and ran across a couple of ideas posited by one of our forum members. The core concepts were good, so I tweaked them a bit, and added an additional one for your consumption.

Always Prepared

Requirements: Novice, WC

The player may spend a benny to produce a piece of equipment within reasonable expectations for his character to possess. A doctor could have a first aid kit, a soldier a gun, while either could have more general items, such as a flashlight or bolt-cutters. Equipment not used by the end of the session is considered lost, damaged, or otherwise rendered useless. (A flashlight’s battery dies, a gun barrel shatters, and so on.)

Frenzied Researcher
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Vigor d6+
The character can read Mythos materials even if suffering from wounds, madness, or fatigue at normal speed. When in good condition (i.e. undamaged), he halves his reading time if he wants to burn the midnight oil. At the end of the reading period, he makes a Vigor roll. On a failure, he suffers a level of fatigue. On a critical failure, he suffers two. Fatigue gained in this manner requires twenty-fours of complete rest to eliminate each point.

Example: Henry Bradshaw suffers a wound from a strange creature and wants to find out what bit him. The book he stole might have answers, so he pushes himself to read it. He takes a -1 Penalty and what would normally take a d4 days, ends up taking only 1. He makes a Vigor roll and gets a Critical Failure. He suffers 2 levels of Fatigue and climbs into bed to dream only nightmare.

Stoic Researcher
Requirements: Heroic, Frenzied Researcher
The character knows the horrors in the darkness depend upon the frailties of the human condition and is able to throw himself fully into his work, blocking out any physical or mental discomfort. He may ignore all wound, fatigue, and madness penalties when conducting researching or reading Mythos works.

These haven’t seen play, but look good on paper. If you give them a spin, let us know on the Realms of Cthulhu section of our forum!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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