Content is King

We are excited about the steady stream of releases we’re getting into your hands. I view this as a win-win. You get solid, regular releases from us at reasonable prices, and all the revenue isn’t devoured by art and layout. I don’t talk about the economics of the business very often, because I try to insulate you all from the day-to-day minutiae, and don’t know how many, if any of you, find it of particular interest at any rate.

I do love illustrations and am not saying “eliminate them all everywhere forever!”  There is a time and place for everything. If I go into [insert Fast Food restaurant of your choice], I don’t expect to have a hostess and be seated down to dine with silk napkins and fine wine. That’s cool. I expect to get a decent meal which feeds my hunger. There are times when I want to be spoiled and want the fine meal, but by and large, most of us eat on a budget and while we might want to go to the Michelin rated steakhouse more than once a year, it’s really hard to justify.

The thing is, we’re grilling up great steaks right here and right now, but the margins would be eaten up by silk napkins if we gave them to you, so the cloth ones will have to do.  Hopefully, this makes some sort of sense. Remember: content is king!

I have one favor to ask my readers today, and it’s about the Kickstarters manifesting everywhere. We’ve been discussing the idea about a few projects lately, and I’m curious if any of you are interested in those sorts of things. If you are, we may pursue it more heavily. I’m afraid printing books ain’t free.

Until next time, I thank you on behalf of us all for your continued patronage and supporting the new direction we’re moving into, and with those words, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!





4 Notes on, Content is King

  1. One thing I forgot to mention: if you regularly read the RWR tell your friends and post your thoughts about Kickstarter on here. Will ya? Let me know if you love ’em, hate ’em, or have never heard of ’em. Okay, that’s at least two things. Oh well. Just do it. :)

  2. I have had good experience as a funder on Kickstarter. And I support the model. It makes me, as a punter, feel more involved with the project. This makes me happy.

  3. I’m a big fan of Kickstarter — I’ve funded a couple of RPG products and the RoboCop statue for Detroit. Makes me feel like I’m vested in the project if it’s funded, and I don’t lose my money if it isn’t.

  4. Kickstarter sounds like a good idea in theory – though I hope it is more than just a fad, and can turn into a viable way to fund larger projects. I think so long as you’re clear in deadlines for the project and offer good incentives it could work quite well.

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