Trial Run

Today, I’m doing a little experiment which should serve me in good stead when I’m out and about. What am I am talking about, you may ask? Why this nifty little Android plugin for WordPress, so I can keep posting wherever I may be.

Inital observations: pretty nifty, but I’m having a typing slowdown as I adjust to the keyboard on the phone. It has a neat swiping feature which seems to be something I could learn to love. We shall see.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader adieu!

2 Notes on, Trial Run

  1. Did you get to try it on the Nook? Does the keyboard on that device seem easier than on the phone?

  2. I haven’t posted from the Nook as of yet, but I couldn’t see there being any real problems. Probably a bit easier, due to its bigger sized keyboard, but I’ll have to give it a proper go.

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