Tuesday A Go A Go!

I have just found out Eric does not read these regularly, despite their ubiquity. I might be crestfallen, if not for the fact he’s busy working away on Ravaged Earth material, and it’s coming along swimmingly. My mind feels a bit fried from writing many, many words and having many phone calls today. If I were an egg, I’d be scrambled. So here’s a few random thoughts and bits of advice.

Try to carve out space for phone calls. Just because it’s ringing, doesn’t mean you need to answer the phone. Most calls can wait a few moments. There are a few that can’t, but you should be able to weed out a lot of them. When I get on the phone, I try to stay on point, but I sometimes ramble. My only social contact a lot of days is through either phone calls or a few posts, tweets, or what-have-you on FB. So, for me, the phone is a seductress wearing kryptonite lipstick. I know I shouldn’t get close sometimes, and allow her siren call to draw me near and pull me away from the workstuffs, but I sometimes do. However, these calls frequently result in good bits of creative gems, so perhaps the kryptonite is gold? Who knows?

It would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the fact the Father of Steam would be 183 today, if only they had managed to offload his mind into a clockwork computer back then, the world would be a very different (and possibly far more interesting) place. I’m talking about JV, Jules Verne to all you kids out there without whom we would not have such works as the old TV show, The Wild, Wild West, Deadlands, or even RunePunk. What do these things have in common? All powered by steampunk.

I have secret calls to make, and must do a few real world things before I can call this day complete, but I hope you celebrate by watching an episode of Warehouse 13 or something equally induldgent with its roots in the clockwork machinations of our most illustrious visionary, JV.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

1 Note on “Tuesday A Go A Go!”

  1. Really, really looking forward to the Ravaged Earth stuff. No hurry. Just know that many of us out here are waiting most patiently for the RE to arrive. So, no hurry or anything…Did I mention patience? Oh, yeah. Patiently.

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