Two Months Too Long

Hello All!

I’ve popped up on some boards here and there, but I’ve been maintaining a pretty low profile since I got sick in April. I didn’t have the pixel-twitch I normally get when I stay away from the computer for long. So, when I came back, I used it as the amazing tool for research that it can be and dove headlong into the Big Book, the project name for Agents of Oblivion. I’ve dug up a lot of killer stuff to really expand out the cultures and the world. I’ve got supernatural factoids, world faqs, spy gear, and lots of unique secret societies and groups all operating on this blue blue marble we’ve got home. I’ve been writing some much my fingers ache and I have slowly gotten back to posting on forums and making the outside world aware that I haven’t faded into oblivion or, more accurately, tell them I have. Just not the Oblivion they might have thought. ;)

And earlier today, I finally achieved my personal grail of some simple, smooth playing chase rules for a game. They’ve been tested and they’re quite solid. I still have to run the rules through a handful of tests and a few more pair of eyes but I am delighted with them. They are called Narrative Chase rules and are probably not what you think. They combine simplicity, flexibility, and crunch in an easily digested little package. I’ve just gotta polish it up a little and they’ll be good to go.




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