Two Roads Diverged and I Took Both

First off, let’s get this out there. Thank you for digging the cover for Agents of Oblivion. I held my breath a little bit. I didn’t know what you guys were gonna think. The rest of the Blurry Ones dug it and I dug it, but my tastes are not always your taste when it comes to art, but Cheyenne did a great job of taking the art direction and making it really sing (or scream as the case may be). If you’d make sure to amplify the signal on this by posting a link to the cover art throughout your social media connections, it would be much, much appreciated. We have some super plans for this, but it begins at the beginning with you, our core fans. So, go forth and be good operatives!

In today’s news, I did something I have been swearing I wouldn’t do. I tweaked AoO some more. The last time I did this was when I was fiddling with Iron Dynasty and it made for a hefty, hefty book. I tried to show restraint and some of the things now in there are going to be very popular. Nemesis rounds anyone? After letting that spread across more of my morning than I probably should’ve done, I moved on to working on more Mythos Tales for Echo. These are coming along nicely and seem to be writing themselves at this point.

You see, there is an immense cast of NPCs in Echo and not all of them tie directly into the plot point campaign. No worries. I won’t reveal any spoilers. For those of you who’ve been seeing our evolution over the years, you know I’ve always prided myself on giving you more than you could possibly use in a given campaign when it comes to organizations and NPCs, such as evidenced in our debut product, RunePunk. ┬áThis comes from my history of gaming and having my guys always wanting to catch me out. So to combat such shenanigans, I soon brought a roster of other adventure ideas, lists of names, and NPCs to the table. You see where I’m going with this, I know. Since, sadly, I cannot run campaigns for each and every one of you, nor look over your shoulder while you do, I’ve done the next best thing and crammed a bunch of stuff into these pages. People and story lines intersect and weave in and out. If I’ve done my job well, your players should have a seamless experience where, after they get going, they won’t know what’s between the pages and what you’re adding in, and it is designed so things can be approached from multiple angles and tough choices are always on the table. Your group should feel like they’re integral to the story. I’m doing what I can to facilitate this. I may have mentioned Social Ties in the past. In fact, I’m sure of it, but Social Ties is one of those mechanics which is working like glue. Just as the investigators have and build their own stories. There is a dynamic sense of forward momentum, a driving force taking them to the very brink of their physical and mental limitations and beyond…

I’ll be shifting between Agents and Echo moving forward in the days ahead with more generalized articles, but this is the head space I’m in right now and, as always, I thank you for taking this creative journey with me. Perhaps I’ll compare and contrast the differences between these two horror settings on the morrow. How’s that sound?

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!




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