AoO Sneak Peek #1

 Agents of Oblivion has been rumored to exist in back rooms and dark corners of the globe. People have seen Starfall Jungle. People have seen the Agents of Oblivion Beta Guide. People have asked many questions about the state of the setting for a long time. The delays? Well, I blame [REDACTED].

Our horror espionage setting is designed with the inherent flexibility you’ve come to expect from our product lines. And, it is very near completion. We’ve had a crack team of operatives working on this including Ed Wetterman, Norm Hensley, Dave Olson, and yours truly. Our cleaners include Brad Bell and Jeff Scifert operating under the watchful eye of Lyn Harm.

To whet your appetite, I present you with the cover featuring art lovingly crafted by Three Time Hugo Award winning artist, Cheyenne Wright.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


6 Notes on, AoO Sneak Peek #1

  1. Great looking cover. Very excited about this coming out.

  2. I’m starting up a game using the Beta settings doc soon. Can’t wait for the official release. That’s a fantastic looking cover.

  3. Wow … just … wow. That’s an amazing cover! Thumbs up, all the way.

  4. Interesting – not at all what I was expecting. Maybe its the martini glass, or the chunky ashtray… it evokes a very 70’s-spy-thriller feel for me. But I always had the impression of AoO being a very modern setting (with all the hitech gadgetry in the Beta).

    I must say that, largely due to this disparity of impressions, didn’t grab me much at first, but it grows on me more every time I come back for another squiz. Definitely a slow burner.

  5. Thanks, Josh! Glad you dig it!

    Thanks, Stephanie! I hope you enjoy it! I checked your website out. Nice wordsmithing!

    Dave! Glad to have startled you! :)

    J Gregory! It’s subtle magic hoodoo is working on you! You will learn to love it. :)

    P.S. Ultramodern super spies is still the default set-up. No worries. We still have plenty of high-tech hi-jinks within (and more than you’ve seen previously).

  6. Cthulhu. James Cthulhu. Pierced, not pulped. I LIKE it!

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