Utter Silence and Acceptable Noise

I’ve been quiet lately.

I’ve been researching and writing, reflecting on life, literature, and the words (always the words). When I watch shows, I break them down into component parts.  The same with music. The same with games. I watch the components separate, molecules disintegrate.

I fear being a broken record or, in more modern parlance, an MP3 left to loop infinitely. I am working on Agents of Oblivion. And work can be akin to setting myself on fire and examining the flames.  It can consume completely. It often does. This is not a bad thing. It’s just a thing.  If you know me, know my habits, then you understand this is a part of my process. I get quiet.

In the modern maelstrom beholden unto binaries, there are two states: utter silence or acceptable noise. We are either flashing neon gods or shuttered windows. Shades of nuance are simply unacceptable. You can promote too much or your focus has drifted. Too much. Not enough. Never enough.

I refute this flawed logic. With the lyrical beauty of life, sometimes it’s okay to just nod your head to the rhythm if you don’t want to sing along or grab the mike. Maybe you’re not at the smoky bar and you’re locked away, surrounded by silence, creating your own tunes. Tuning out the distractions. Turning off the white noise jamming your flow.

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