(At Times) Words Bore Me

At times, words bore me. All the words. The wrong words. Any words. Your words. My words. All the words.

Yet, most times, words excite me, confound me, challenge me. They are mystical and magical. They are power. They give shape to thought. Allow us to connect and communicate outside of ourselves. They are our greatest gift. They are time capsules. They are collective wisdom. They are legacy.

And their importance can be reduced to impotence in the blink of an eye. Words, at best, reflect the author’s intent, be it to edify or entertain. Or points¬†in-between.

Take them too seriously, examine them too closely, they can turn to ash. Take them too lightly, cast them without care, and they can cause ruin and war.

Express them with honesty. Match them with intent. Hope for the best.





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