Long Shadows of October

Since I’ve been holding my written words near and dear of late, there has been little reason for you to pop over to this corner of the internet.  That’s cool. There are cat videos. There are Let’s Play videos. It’s cool. When I’ve got something to say, I’ll say it. Or someone will somewhere.

To that end, I’ve received a few phone calls to see if I was alive, well, and what was going on in the Mad Lab from some of my compatriots and cohorts. Darrell Hardy provided the catalyst for this upcoming series through our talks about getting the word out about Karthador.

The upshot was I thought it’d be more interesting (for all of us), if you found out a bit about some of the designers working with Reality Blurs besides yours truly and what they thought about horror and design and the intersection between the two.

After a few calls with Darrell Hardy and Eric Avedissian, I placed this outline (below) in Basecamp (our project management tool) last Friday with an exceedingly short turnaround time.

Let’s see what they come with. Shall we?

Blogs (500 to 1000 words)

  1. First exposure to horror.
  2. First exposure to horror gaming.
  3. What makes a good horror game for you? (Tips/Tricks)
  4. Integrating horror into your setting (RE/K) / Writing horror
  5. Creating a monster hunting team (flavor not mechanics)
  6. Mechanical approach
  7. One sheet

If you dig what they wrote and are further interested in Karthador or Ravaged Earth, so much the better.



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