What is RunePunk™?

RunePunk is our bold take on a whole new genre. By fusing elements of traditional steampunk with dark sorceries, RunePunk is post-apocalyptic adventure in a world on the brink of destruction and redemption.

In RunePunk: Steam & Shadow, the players get an opportunity to explore the massive city of ScatterPoint, a sprawling metropolis of broken hopes and broken dreams. Designed specifically for the Savage Worlds system, players will delight in playing any of the five available races. Each of these races is customizable by a broad selection of new racially specific edges that will bring an entirely new experience to your group.

The Races of RunePunk

Andari: Known to most as shifters and ghosts, the Andari are an elite number of humans whose lives were forever altered by the Tempest. They are either those people who were caught in the flux when the rune towers first went into place or, perhaps, a subsequent casualty of a rare far door failure. It is even rumored some have come into being as being caught in the Barrens during a runestorm or brought through a rift from another reality altogether.

Ferren: Pulled into ScatterPoint during the Time of Madness, the Ferren were intimately familiar with the otherworldly runestorms and managed to establish the runetowers. They are a slender rat-like people complete with claws, fur, and tails. Ferren have light builds and stand about shoulder high to most humans. They are physically weak compared to the other races and they compensate for this by using mechanical means to accomplish the most mundane of tasks. Most typically dress in a similar fashion to humans although some of their attire is more outre.

Human: Humans dominate ScatterPoint in number, but no longer in power or strength. How do they survive? The Overwrought are stronger, the Ferren are cleverer, the Andari are longer lived, and the Malakar’s mixed ancestry grants them immunity from the runestorms. The answer is simple. Humans derive their strength from their tenacity. They are capable of altering the odds in their favour, to making fortune favour them, they are capable of reaching into themselves to bring forth abilities other races find incapable. Humans do not have the time or the inclination to doubt. Whether they are a broken beggar lying in an alleyway or the mightiest cloudbreather, they all share the common bond of greatness. Although their once noble bloodlines are no more, once in a rare while the blood comes together again and a great runecaster or inventor is born again.

Malakar: The grey-skinned Malakar arose as a people when the Talus, the Demon Lords, wished to raise an army to overthrow ScatterPoint. In th0se early days, the Talus captured or seduced humans with their demonic wiles to create their progeny. However, the Talus did not consider the fact that their offspring might prove every bit as difficult as they themselves are. The First War of the Talus proved fruitless as countless Malakar fell before the organized forces of the city districts. After that, the Talus withdrew and have been quiet since that time, over five hundred years.

Overwrought: Hulking unions of machine and man, the Overwrought are the labor caste of ScatterPoint. Once as human as anyone else, those who elect to become mechanized abominations are driven to the factories out of poverty, necessity, or as an opportunity for some sort of life outside of the prison districts of BlackShackle. Those that go beneath the surgeon’s knife are guaranteed work and a place to live for the ten year contract that they must sign. After that period, should they survive, Overwrought often spend a time trying to integrate into less mechanized society, usually with little success.


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