Wheels Turning within Wheels

Hello All!

Happy spring to ya! I’m checking in after what seems like forever. We’ve been busily working on things and have a lot in the queue, but what I’m here for today is to tell you the newest thing we’ve got in the mix, our brand new release for all you SteamPunkers out there, and that is Gearcraft: Amazing Machines and Their Creation, The True20 Steampunk Sourcebook. Yep. That’s quite a mouthful, but it pretty much sums up exactly what it is you’re getting, a tremendous amount of crunch courtesy of Erica “True20Chick” Balsley, whose name you should recognize, we’ve worked together before. This project came about when Erica was knee deep in the splendour of doing conversion work for RunePunk and asked what I thought about doing a straight up Steampunk supplement as well. Ahhh, pull on my heart strings. You know how we here at Reality Blurs love the steampunk. Don’t you? Well, you should. At any rate, it’s turned out to be a gorgeous book and quite practical for any of you wishing to add a bit of gearcraft into your game.

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover.


Hopefully, this will be released on May 13th. The first day we’re allowed to go live with product under the new T20 agreement, but we’re having issues uploading files to RPGNow, so keep your fingers crossed!




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