Madness Awaits!

Hello All…Wow. Where do we begin?

How about I start with the article I wrote for the Savage Worlds fanzine, Sharkbytes, about what’s going on with The Blur. My words, so I figure I can use ’em again. (I’ll just modify ’em a bit, so I can include some of the upcoming plans for True20.) Sound good?

I’m glancing up from my keyboard to give you a quick update on what’s going on with Reality Blurs. I’ve learned a few lessons about not divulging too much too early, but, since we’re all friends here, I’ll go ahead and give you the inside scoop on some of the things we’ve got ticking along on the Savage Worlds and True20 fronts.

First off, let me thank you all for your continued support of RunePunk and our growing print line of Savage Worlds products. Orwell Industries came out in print a few months ago and, as of this writing, Starfall Jungles is now wending its way to a friendly, local game store near you. We hope to continue this model of releasing both digital and print products in this fashion to satisfy your Savage needs.

Now on to the news.

We here at Reality Blurs are still alive and kicking working on more Savage goodness than you can shake a stick at (provided you don’t have a lot of spare time to go stick shaking.) So, you might ask, what have you been working on in these seemingly quiet days since the release of RunePunk for Savage Worlds? Well, we’ve got more RunePunk goodness underway with numerous adventures and support materials including Darksummer Nights and Wizards of WildSky to name a few. I’ll also pause here to mention that RunePunk for True20 is nearing its final stages of completion. I’m already into layout and lining up some really nifty art for inclusion in this beast. The development of RunePunk and the Shadow City of ScatterPoint is staying right on course and there are a number of options to be found within the True20 version that have not yet made their way over to the Savages. After the release of RunePunk: The Shadow City of ScatterPoint, we’ll also be following it up with the abovementioned adventures for True20 as well. We really do like both Savage Worlds and True20 and we’ll be moving forward with parallel development in some instances for the settings best suited to both.

A lot of our time has been taken up with the continued development of Iron Dynasty, our oriental steampunk samurai setting that is loaded with lots of martial arts goodness. We took a modular approach to the design enabling you to easily build anything from a ganso (inventor) to an onmyoji (wizard) to a variety of ninja (at last count, I easily saw a half dozen approaches to crafting a ninja). The Player’s Guide has been put to bed and I’m fleshing out the details of the Plot Point campaign and the adventure generators. If you liked what you saw in RunePunk, you should really be pleased with a novel new approach I’m taking to Plot Point design in Sins of the Samurai, the first RPG book for the Iron Dynasty. Along with the development of the RPG, we’re still working away on Iron Dynasty: Showdown Edition which handles the miniatures side of the world, enabling you to easily recreate the historical battles of Konoyo (the known world) and play out an entire campaign with your samurai warlord to determine the entire fate of Ni Ten. Stay tuned to our website as well as the respective forums for more details as they unfold.

I’ll add that, though we have no plans to translate the miniatures vision of the world to T20, we certainly do have big plans to bring the Iron Dynasty in all its oriental rpg goodness to True20. I think that with the foundations of Gearcraft, we’ll have a unifying element throughout some of our lines.

You may also be wondering about the fate of Agents of Oblivion. I’m glad to announce that it is entering the more robust stages of development. I’ve got the bestiary sitting on my desk. I’ve got lots of organizations and global conspiracies jotted down in disparate files and look to more fully focus on them once we get the Player’s Guide nailed down to our satisfaction. In the good news column, however, I’m looking at releasing some adventures for the setting, possibly along the lines of Starfall Jungle, to fill in the gaps in the meantime. This is, of course, talking about the Savage Worlds side of things. On the T20 front, I must say that things are developing quite rapidly and interestingly. During my mulling, I’ve outlined a number of supplementary materials for this line to have you drooling. Should I name a few? Agents of Oblivion: Guidebook to Oblivion is the core setting book. Agents of Oblivion: What Screams Are Made Of is the bestiary and we’ve got a lot of other things in the works. Some of them, I praytell, shall be shockingly surprising!

I’m looking forward to running games of RunePunk, Iron Dynasty, and Agents of Oblivion at the upcoming big shows!

Finally, I’m happy to report growth in our staff. With new developmental policies and procedures in place and a more solid workflow, we should be able to get more of our creative ideas and stuff into your hands more rapidly than ever before. Hopefully, I’m not jinxing this by putting it in words, but you know how design and development can sometimes seem like we’re just rolling dice and drawing cards. Honestly, we’re working as fast as we can to deliver the best we can. Remember: just because we’re quiet, doesn’t mean we’re not working! ;)


Sean Preston
President, Reality Blurs

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