Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!

Okay. Maybe they weren’t. We handle the other side of things, the Japanese side of things, especially when we’re taking Savage Worlds and the Iron Dynasty, but it’s all good. Hey! We’ve got the Player’s Guide all hammered out so that is bueno. No? Will it be coming out immediately? ‘Fraid not. There’s still a bit of polishing and tightening of the GM’s Section, but I assure you, it will be well worth it. Until then, we’ll be getting to get some game on with Iron Dynasty: Showdown Edition which is nearing its final stages. I can also smell the art orders from here. Heh. Okay. Maybe I should’ve put this over in the Iron Dynasty section, but I didn’t mean to get Sengoku period on ya, so pardon me.

Anyway, it’s been a rough day. I’ve been working hard to master the nuances of InDesign and the great stuff that is Adobe. I’ve been converted. Many wise men have told me to get with the program, so I’ve capitulated and retired my alternative software programs and outsourcing the layout. What’s that mean? Well, maybe the logjam will be no more. Maybe, you won’t care for the layout as much at first or maybe you’ll like it better. Who knows? I used to do graphic design once upon a time, but my choices may not be your choices. I do know this speeds up the process tremendously, so that can be nothing but good, and I’m upping the quality of art in our products which comes from a bit of sweat equity on my part, but the words are still the main thing and we’re making sure they stay pure and shiny as possible and are jammed up with crunch and flavor as appropriate. I’ve slowly assembled a good team of folks and it’s been an exciting time.

What does that mean for you? Hopefully, a more steady and regular release of products. We don’t like sporadic any more than you do. I promise. I can also assure you that our established and burgeoning product lines will get the attention they so richly deserve. While chaos surrounds the gaming industry, we’re doing a Nero and fiddling away, hoping you enjoy our tune. Just pray we don’t get burned. Will ya?

Here’s hoping for a great rest of the year!




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