Where is My Mind?

Hello All!

I have chosen a random day to resume the regular writing of the Razorwise Report because trying to schedule it has met with little success. Well, in all honesty, the scheduling has been just fine (adhering to said schedule has been another matter altogether).

Why is this? Here are a few possibilities:

1. My attempt to master space and time has failed.

2. There is no internet connection ____________. (I’m sure you can come up with something infinitely entertaining to place there.)

3. I broke my fist punching a brick wall (or something equally hard and unforgiving, like ____________).

4. I fell into a coma, and only recently awakened because of _____________.

5. I have spent large chunks of my time working on tremulus and managing the explosion on the tremulus boards.

If you chose anything other than number five, you would only be (maybe) partially correct. I have given myself over to spending large swathes of time on tremulus, handling emails, writing new material, refining the existing document, gathering additional art assets, organizing the forums, and taking care of other bits of outstanding Blurry business. And doing my stretches, evidently, in preparation to come back to the RWR party.

It’s not that I don’t have things to talk about. I do. I want to talk about the process of Kickstarters. I want to talk about other stuff we’ve got in the pipeline (beyond, y’know, tremulus), and get back into the usual groove. But it kinda feels like going back to high school, where the corridors feel narrower, and you don’t feel like you fit in anymore (not that I’m saying you did or didn’t to begin with), and it’s all an illusion. A building is just a building. And it’s not the place that’s changed. You’ve changed. You never put your foot into the same stream twice. And all that sort of thing.

If you’re a new reader, then welcome. Sometimes I ramble, sometimes I bear down on the publishing points, and other times I talk about writing and things which inspire. And I don’t sweat the grammatical details. Not here. Not in this space. We’re having a conversation here, or maybe I’m all alone and talking to the walls, but I’ve been doing this for so along, and it feels weird to be let out of the padded cell, and given a keyboard to let my my mind wander all over the place. I’ve experienced some great highs and lows, and life changing events, and have talked with some great folks surrounding this all. All because of some stuff I made up. This makes me happy. I think it’s incredibly awesome and amazing to get the opportunity to meet new folks all because of a game. I mean, really, how cool is that?

I never really took off all those days I said I was going to take. I got, maybe a day off. Maybe. I’m just not wired that way. When I’m in the middle of a project, it consumes me, so I have been active, just not with the RWR.  Which was probably not the best move for the Blur, but it was for me. Am I completely refreshed? Honestly, no. The delicate flower that I am is always loopy whenever the time changes for about a week. Either way. It doesn’t matter. I’m a creature of habit comprised of carbon and discipline at the atomic level. I am normalizing (as much as anyone who makes things up for a living can) and am glad to let you know work is proceeding apace on many fronts.

Thank you for making my life richer and more interesting, in every sense of the word.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!













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