Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

Hello All.

RunePunk continues to move strongly and we had a number of new jobbers walking the streets of ScatterPoint!

Orwell Industries (M&M Superlink) debuted at Origins this year and is wending its way to distribution.

But, you probably want to know, what’s coming up next?

Not content to work on just one thing at time, here’s what’s currently on the plate.

Borough Book 1: DarkSummer
A street level guidebook to this seedy section of GreyMesa complete with a full adventure highlighting some of the people and places of interest of this borough. It incorporates seamlessly with the core book and expands out my original vision of the City.

Iron Dynasty: Sins of the Samurai
This is about to enter the third (and, hopefully, final) round of playtesting. After that, I’ll be working up the final stages of the GM’s Section having the Plot Point already sketched out with a lot of history written. (There is enough in here, for there to be even more Oriental goodness down the road.)

Iron Dynasty: Showdown Edition
You want big battles with Kikai, Samurai, Gansos, and Onmyoji? You want Fire Priests to battle Sorimizu’s Sea Turtles? Hold on! You’ll find it here. Also, there is planned integration between this and the RPG edition. Since they’re undergoing parallel development, this should come together nicely.

Agents of Oblivion Campaign Setting (True20 Edition)
You want horror? You want espionage? Strap on your shoulder holster. Grab your demon hunting equipment and get ready head for Oblivion.

In Agents of Oblivion, you become an operative for a super secret organization that battles threats both natural and supernatural on a global scale. Emphasizing the global nature of the threat, there is an abundance of information on various cultures and organizations all over the world. Expanded roles, horror rules, new rules for vehicle creation that integrate seamlessly into the existing resource system structure, and a simple, yet exciting chase system dubbed the Narrative Chase System that makes car chases and foot races run as easily as a typical melee. Want more? How about an expanded knowledge system that really helps differentiate each character? Want more? How about a whole new way to create NPCs in mere moments rather than agonizing over ever little detail? It’s all here. Combining elements of these two exciting genres with all the dramatic strengths of both, Agents of Oblivion is sure to have something for everyone.

Coming Soon in Print
Attention All Savages! Something printed this way comes!

Starting at Gen Con, Reality Blurs is proud to reveal some of our adventures available in print for the first time for Savage Worlds.

See what started it all!

Journey to Red Temple is an exciting oriental adventure perfect for novice and experienced GM’s alike! Feature Genre rules, pregenerated NPCs, and a complete bestiary, it’s a great taste of the Iron Dynasty!

Starfall Jungle is an exciting adventure set in the world of the Agents of Oblivion. A robust adventure that should take you and your gang several sessions to complete. It features genre rules, pregenerated characters and everything you need to start playing Agents of Oblivion today!

Orwell Industries is a superpowered supplement for those GM’s looking to expand out their super world. Compatible with the popular supers system from Pinnacle, Orwell Industries provides enough information and inspiration to support a complete campaign! You’ll want to pick this up.

Supplies will be limited so be sure to stop by the Studio2 Booth at Gen Con!



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