Who’s New to the Crew?

We’ve had some new additions to our team over the last handful of months, and I’ve been entirely derelict in not allowing them to bask in a moment of well deserved attention.

Norm Hensley – Developer
Norm has long been a friend of the Blur, ever since he insisted that Iron Dynasty was not up to snuff, and insisted I dig a little deeper. I did (and that’s probably why you haven’t seen it yet). His love of the game, and his intrinsic (dare I say, uncanny) knowledge of the rules system, and his unflinching honesty has, in turn, kept us honest as well. Norm already has his hands in all sorts of things…

Jeff Scifert – Project Manager/ Many Hats
Jeff lurks in the shadows, rarely seen. He brings an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm—sometimes an ungodly amount (dark pact anyone?)- to the team. His attention to detail and his love of “the edit” has really helped us make serious headway through our backlog of materials.

Mike Dukes – Art Direction/ Writer
Mike should not be unknown in Savage Circles. He brings a deceptively quiet intensity to his work, and we’re certain this will shine through in his work on Agents of Oblivion and other currently classified materials.

“Weird Dave” Olson – Swiss Army Writer
Dave, or “Weird Dave” as he prefers to be called, has been churning out a lot of pulpiness with the Relics & Rumors line, but you’ll see the breadth of his abilities as he turns his attentions to some of our other properties as well. I don’t want to give away too much, but this guy gets RunePunk, if you know what I mean…

We’re delighted and honored to have these guys on board. They each bring something special to the Blur. We hope you agree.



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