Will the REAL Wednesday Please Stand Up?

Hello all. Today went better than yesterday, in part to a goodly amount of sleep, the fact the mega-snowstorm did not invade the territory of Memphis (because it knew what was good for it), and I made a lot of progress on the tasks at hand, and my interview with The Game’s the Thing is now live. Go let my words fill your ears. Yes. I’m recycling words today. You may have already seen those on our Facebook page, or Twitter, or even in The Dirt, but I want you to listen. Good stuff is to be found in there. In addition to talking a lot about Iron Dynasty, I also reveal some of the deadly machinations we have in the work for our other product lines, such as Agents of Oblivion, Ravaged Earth, Realms of Cthulhu, RunePunk, and Old School Fantasy.

In other news, we’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with the site, namely the Shop, which I’ve been working with Kristian, and our web host since Monday to get sorted out. Progress is being made, but I appreciate your patience, and ask you to make the proper sacrifices to the Gods of the Webs in the hopes this issue shall be resolved in the next day. It’s been getting extended out more and more (and is in some ways reminiscent of most anything I touch in that regard).

Here’s hoping you’re not snowbound, and if you are, you are in a safe, warm place and have plenty of foodstuffs and electricity and access to something to help you while away the hours while you are TRAPPED in your house and CANNOT LEAVE. Do you hear a rustling outside your window? Is it the wind? Are you SURE it’s the wind? And the trees…are they moving? Creeping ever closer? I’m sure you’ll be fine. Seriously. For us, it’s just plain cold, but the roads are clear, and there are no WENDIGOS IN THE YARD! I’m sure you’ll be fine. Even though I hear they travel in blizzards and find TRAPPED HUMANS ESPECIALLY TASTY.

Until next time, and I pray for your sake, you’ll be alive tomorrow to read these words and not RESTING IN THE BELLY OF A MYTHICAL BEAST, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

1 Note on “Will the REAL Wednesday Please Stand Up?”

  1. Well, unless that Mythical beast is named Workplace, I am alive and reading these words. We only got 8″ of snow Wednesday morning and another 6″ last night. Ithaqua has been scratching at the window though with the temperature in the teens. Dipped down to around -12F last week.

    Have you been working on Echo of Dead Leaves again?

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