A Day in the Mines

Today, I had a simpler day than yesterday, but nonetheless quite busy. I managed the tremulus playtest group. Some of our playtesters have already started playing the game and it will be exciting to find out where they take it!

I reviewed some beautiful incoming art pieces for Ravaged Earth: Second Edition and it is simply phenomenal. And then I managed the usual rigamorole  of catching up with an assortment of emails, and then it was on to laying out the next One Shot for our ENnies nominated Agents of Oblivion. Yes. You should go over there and vote. Voting is now open!

I tinkered with a few words, but, honestly, not a lot of writing today. It was one of those business management days. I also conducted a few meetings about our plans for the tremulus Kickstarter as well as discuss some design and editing decisions of tremulus itself. I already have begun playing with the look and feel of the work, and everyone on the team is more than happy with the direction I’ll be taking it.

I know, a business update. Right? It’s good to let you know what’s going on around here and the state of things. Many plates spinning, indeed!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!




1 Note on “A Day in the Mines”

  1. Good Luck on the Ennie’s Awards, Sean! You surely got my vote

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