Into Ebon Eaves

Another fantastic playtest conducted tonight with some folks on Skype. Jimmie Bise, Jr (of The Sundries Shack)., Jake Ivey (Gamer extraordinaire) , Eric Avedissian (of Ravaged Earth reknown), and Michael Wolf (of Stargazers World) joined me!

And boy, am I tired. I hope they forgive me for not putting links. It’s been a terrifically long day.

I want to hit a few points. They dug the character creation. They dug the game. A lot. Most importantly, they got to go through the town creation process which really blew their minds. I need to get into that a bit deeper in another article, but suffice it to say, through a series of questions and collaboration we had Ebon Eaves situated in the Inland Empire of Central California on Sept 24th, 1923 in about twenty minutes or so. The town was uniquely their own and with one of the characters playing an heir, it got interesting as he visited his ancestral home he had only recently inherited. After the bus refused to drive into town and they were forced to hike to his estate, things got strangely intriguing and rapidly weird. In roughly three hours of play, I took a group of people with no tremulus experience and they took full ownership of both their characters and a firm hand in the creation of the tableau where their story took place. We reached a good stopping point, but not resolution. Everyone knew going in this would be a taste of tremulus and they were left wanting more.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!




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  1. Sean,
    This sounds like so much fun! Any chance of getting a preview at Tacticon? Maybe one night after scheduled games end? Please, pretty please!!

  2. I love the sound of that. Only just started paying attention to your blog – will be reading more on Tremulus soon, I promise – but just from that little bit, it made me think of more than one darn right spooky horror scenario. I look froward to more.

  3. Chris: Absolutely! I’d love to run this off the grid!

    Shortymonster: Welcome aboard! I’ll definitely be talking about it regularly leading up to the Kickstarter launch. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  4. Sean, this sounds incredibly enteraining. I read what Michael wrote about it too and I am more intrigued then ever. The town building sounds interesting. I would love to run a playtest session at some point with my group, are there any plans for external playtests yet?

  5. It is open to some outsiders, but it is rapidly filling up. You want to get in on the action, then go to:

  6. Thank you Sean for the reminder!

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