A Whirling Dervish of a Week

Looking back over the last week, like I do about this time each Monday, I can only wish I could’ve slept more. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the heck out of the work, but I couldn’t get out of the house due to the ice and blech that we had over the weekend. A lot was accomplished. Let’s review a few things.

John Rogers is on board for Agents of Oblivion.
Clint Black is making good progress on RunePunk.
The adventure generators for RunePunk near completion.
I got to see the silent “The Call of Cthulhu” movie.
I got Iron Dynasty underway…well, that technically counts as this week, because it was Sunday, but…
Julia Bax continues to astound me with her great work.

And I do believe I’ll be adding a new editor quite soon to further streamline our processes. My biggest reservation in using an outside editor is that it’ll be new to me. I talked about the editorial process with Ed Wetterman who assures me that it does take some getting adjusted to, but, ultimately, is worth all the pains.

I just take it that it’ll be growing pains and if I can get all this stuff situated now. I’ll be better prepared down the road. Multiple projects are reaching their completion points and it’s essential everything stays on track. *sigh*

Sure, not the most exciting post, but I have to save something for my work, don’t I? :)



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