Gadgetry and Gear

Hello All.

I spent the bulk of last week worrying over gadgets and gear for Agents of Oblivion while Clint continues to analyze the density that is RunePunk. A few weeks ago, I had pulled down my Spycraft 2.0 book and began to closely read through it. The density of RunePunk pales by comparison. Spycraft is a massive 488 pages that covers a broad spectrum of information for the realm of espionage and, now in the reins of Crafty Games, I’m sure will continue to grow and prosper. I contacted the nice folks there about what was OGC and got back a nice, friendly, and informative response from Scott Gearin, one of the writers. I know what I can use now and spent the rest of last week refining it for the True20 mindset.

Editing of Orwell Industries is also speeding up as the concept art continues to come in with most appreciated haste. Looks like I’ll be hopping about like mad again very soon. Heh. I suppose I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What else to speak to? Iron Dynasty. Last night, my night off from dealing with any existing business (i.e. RunePunk, Agents of Oblivion, and Powers & Perils), I tore heavily into my stack of Japanese books and began a proper savaging of Iron Dynasty from my compiled notes and wish lists of things that myself and others are hoping to find in this setting. It’s a great deal of fun and will fill in the spaces when my mind wanders from other things for more than a minute or two.




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