Agents of Oblivion and Other News

Several original adventures for Agents of Oblivion are now underway by various sources as we look to ramp up our efforts for the pending True20 Worlds of Adventure.

Sovereign Nation is shaping up nicely and is on track. Butch should have a finished first draft into me by the end of the month.

The Iron Dynasty crew are banging on the ID Rough and Ugly Player’s Guide like it’s a pinata and it’s beginning to shape up.

We’ll also be introducing some interesting support products into the mix before too terribly long. More details about those as they’re further fleshed out.

Clint’s taking a last look over the RunePunk Player’s Guide and I’m taking a deep breath and fleshing out various points of ScatterPoint in the interim. He’s also showing some love to the Savage Edition of Orwell Industries.

Just to keep things off balance, we’re working on a few other surprises there and hope to ramp up our production schedule dramatically in the upcoming months.

Keep it real!



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