Consistently Inconsistent

Hello All.

The evil symbiote that has attached itself to my neural network is finally sick of its host body and is beginning to lose strength. (Yes, the obvious joke is that it was malnourished is there. :P)

At any rate, I’m again days late because motivation has been hard to come by in light of the energy drain. However, I’m on the upswing and apologize for bringing any semblance of humanity into the impersonal world of gaming. ;)

What have I accomplished during this langorous period? Let’s do a brief recap.

I’ve gotten the Player’s Guide for RunePunk integrated and off to Clint later than I wished. I’ve read through Sovereign Nation…again, later than I wished. Update some Iron Dynasty stuff for the playtester’s and have dabbled a little bit on a secret project and sketched out what the rest of the year should look like more or less.

We’ll see how all that goes.

As for being on track next week, that’s the plan. Keeping my fingers crossed and taking my echinacea and multivitamins with regularity.

Keep it real.



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