Late by Daze

Hello All.

It’s not a habit, I swear it. I’m late a couple of days because I can’t shake this friggin’ sinus thing that’s invaded my skull. The Dream Police song suddenly comes to mind and then a riff from the Split Enz, but never mind. I’m late and I apologize, but let it be known that I’ve been doing good works.

In between obsessing over RunePunk, I’ve recently begun obsessing over social systems in RPGs which are entirely annoying and altogether abstractly remove me from my focus on creating a framework to enable people to tell cool stories. To that end, however, I think I finally struck upon a happy medium with the development of a simple, clear caste system for Iron Dynasty which does not impede play and integrates nicely with what already exists in the system, mainly by tying into Charisma modifiers. However, as a bit more details are added to the world, how caste systems interact should prove to be a bit more clearer.

That being said, while I prefer a bit more samurai action than tea ceremonies, I’m pleased to say that I think I’ve done it justice.
Actually, it adds an elegant robustness to the game and I’m curious to see how the playtesters receive it.

In between that, I’ve been splicing all the revamps I’ve done on RunePunk into the Master Player’s Guide so I can see how it all shapes up. That should be complete by the end of the week, this weekend, and then I’ll ship it off to Clint to review before moving it into the que proper. So, yes, I said it out loud. Please remember, however, that the GM’s Section is going to need a bit of tweaking after that, but we’re learning how to improve our processes one step at a time.

Other than that, I’ve been watching a lot of CSI in the evenings on the DVR and trying to get well. My sleep has been sporadic and the weird rain and the cold has done nothing to improve my mental state. On the plus side, I often come up with some interesting ideas when driven by distraction, so I’m trying to make the most of it.



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