Hello There…

Been jumping from Orwell Industries to Agents of Oblivion to Iron Dynasty and RunePunk for too long, so it’s nice to be settling down to less than fifty things…

People are falling into place for various projects and I’m happily writing and coordinating many, many things.

Here’s a quick punch list…

True20 Agents of Oblivion: Talking to a few interested parties about doing some conversion work of 12 to Midnight’s adventures as well as one fellow about doing some work on the Bestiary for True20…the working title for that? I’m not saying yet. ;)

Iron Dynasty: The playtesters and readers are keeping me busy, telling me what I’ve done that’s wrong and what I’ve done that’s right. It’s in the early stages, but overall I’ll rank it as a very good experience for us.

RunePunk: Clint and I had a great session last week where we discussed the remaining loose ends for the Player’s Guide. It’s pretty close to where we want it to be and I’m looking forward to playing it with some of the local gamers here in town and starting to debut it on the convention circuit this summer.

Sovereign Nation: Work continues apace by Butch and everything is on track. It promises to be every bit as powerful as Orwell Industries.

Secret Project: Since I never have enough to do, I’ve begun working on a secret Savage project that I’ll spring on everyone when the time is right. Sometimes, I have to fill in those hours when everyone I know is asleep and the muse speaks to me. ;)

Agents of Oblivion: Getting projects lined up for later this year and our big push next year.



P.S. And I wonder why I’m so tired? :P


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