And the Beat Goes On…

You’ll likely notice I didn’t post yesterday.

It’s okay. Really.

I didn’t get eaten by a land shark, or get caught up in a malevolent maelstrom, or have any earth-shattering chaos befall me (well, at least not yesterday). I spoke about balance, and have decided that, at least for awhile, I’m going to shoot for posting thrice weekly. (And if you guessed I’d be aiming for MWF then give yourself a no prize because that’s the plan.)

This way, I can still accomplish my daily personal and professional goals (chiefly the fitness and the writing) and have a bit of time left over to develop a more active social life. And begin to write some more thoughtful word stuffs. Trust me. This is the right move for me right now.

I’m still neck deep in tremulus stuff and will be for awhile, but as my body continues to adjust to the new regimen, this can only be good. Right?

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu! And hope you have a wonderful day!



2 Notes on, And the Beat Goes On…

  1. Thanks for the two updates. Hope things go well for you. Take care of yourself.

  2. I hope you work is moving right along, and I hope you are well. Update is when you can

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