tremulus is Now Available, so Scream a Little Scream for Me…

Hello All!

The stars have finally aligned, and it’s that time. What time? Time to spread the madness once more!

tremulus is now available in print and pixel form. We have a limited supply of physical books available, so if you want to get a physical copy right away (which includes the PDF) , then now’s your chance.

There are additional sets of themed playbooks and The Cemetery playset expansion for Ebon Eaves available for purchase too!

Click here to check out the complete tremulus line.

We also have blocks of tremulus dice to round out your game. (Get them while they last! )

Please note: Once these books are gone, we’ll be offering up a preorder before we go to press with the general release, so if you miss out on getting a copy from this run, don’t gnash your teeth. We’re printing more.


4 Notes on, tremulus is Now Available, so Scream a Little Scream for Me…

  1. Hi, I’ve been waiting impatiently for Tremulus. A friend who was a backer let me knwo it was for sale and I bought it using PayPal (not an online check, but an immediate charge), which has been confirmed. However, my order page contains no active links to download the books. Please help. Also, I get an expired security notice from your site with multiple browsers in different locations (home & work).

  2. Same here with paypal payment. Need to get the final downloads

  3. I would love to buy a print copy. Is this going to become available in print (or print on demand) at some point?

  4. We had a technical glitch which has been corrected. Apologies if anyone’s experienced any difficulties. All should be well now.

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