Assimilation Complete: Transparent Technology

I’ve been a blissfully content user of Windows for a very long time, but with getting an iPad and then an iPhone, I decided I wanted to simplify some components of my life as much as possible, so getting an iMac would be the step in the right direction. I know the pros and cons of each system, certainly, and I’ve got a solidly technical background, so the issue wasn’t so much being able to deal with system issues as they arose, as with actually avoiding technical issues altogether.

The reason I went isn’t one of elitism or anything of the sort (to be honest, I did all the ordering and everything online, so when I had to set foot in an Apple Store to get an adapter last week, I found it one of the weirder experiences of my life). The primary reason is one of economy. My old system (henceforth known as the Great Old One) has performed admirably. It is just slowing down, and since my livelihood depends upon all the bits and bytes tucked away in its belly, it was important to migrate to something shinier and newer. I could’ve gone with another PC, but I would’ve had to learn a new version of Windows, and I’d rather not contend with that.

From my experiences with iOS, and from what I’d read about APPLE, I didn’t anticipate any transitional issues. The system largely gets out of the way and lets you get down to business. Having used it for about a week, I find I’ve got the basics down, and am able to do design and development much more rapidly than I did on the old system. This is a good thing, and I am certain this investment is a wise one for the future of both my sanity and the company’s future.

I’d love to hear about any writing or productivity apps for the iMac you’d care to recommend. I’ve got all of my bases covered–OFFICE, ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD, and SCRIVENER. (And one game, CIV V, thanks for the recommendation, Andrew.)  What else ya got?

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



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  1. I also use CeltX (Free), XCode (Free) for a coding text editor I use Sublime 2 (Shareware). I don’t go a day without using VMWare Fusion to run my dev web server. I use TotalTerminal (Free) for my shell access. Adium (Free) for my IM requirements.

    I prefer (slightly) FCP X (Not Free) to Premiere, but I’m good with both. And Blender (Free) runs splendidly.

  2. You have different needs than I do. :)

    I’ll keep those in mind if I ever go back to one of my former lives.


  3. For a diversion, try X COM Enemy Unknown. You can download it from the App Store.

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