Take the Fun Seriously

I am still diligently working away on the tremulus materials. I’m enjoying developing it immensely, but am saddened by the delays. The bomb ticks. The guilt rises.  This is likely something I shouldn’t be sharing with you. However, I am. As much as I want to move swiftly through the materials (to better get them into your hands), there is a certain amount of thought and research necessary to pull some of this stuff together. I don’t want to shortchange anyone with my efforts, just want to give you a heads up.

If there are moments when I talk about non-game stuff, like the computer or the minutiae of my day-to-day life, it’s only to serve as a minor break or distraction from the tasks at hand. I know a number of you follow me (not just the company) on Facebook and on Twitter and it may appear I have an attention span of a gnat. I just run across a lot of weird stuff when I do research, and sometimes share it non-contextually. I find it both expeditious and amusing to do so.

All that said, I take the fun seriously. This stuff is coming together nicely and there’s not a day I don’t think about all the great stuff in the pipeline (nor the fact we’re running behind).

I approach each workday with delight at the prospects before me, and ponder the dark spaces yet to explore in tremulus.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

1 Note on “Take the Fun Seriously”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about your perception too much. Anyone who has actually written, knows that you can’t do it well 12 hours a day. Dozens of studies have shown that people are most efficient and creative in short bursts of two or three hours maximum.

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