Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Indoor Creativity

Winter time is upon most of us, and it’s often a time of introspection, reflection, and gearing up for the days ahead. Much as Janus, we look over our past accomplishments, and turn a golden eye towards what awaits us on the horizon. It’s the human condition–a stark reality check underscored by the frozen winds and barren landscapes. All of the¬†accouterments have been stripped away, and we are left with the cold, hard facts. Let’s face it, we all want to do more, don’t we? We have to beat the desolation from our souls and get down to the brass tacks of the work at hand.

Some things I do to beat away the doldrums and amp up my creativity include:

1. Exercise: It gets the heart beating, the blood pumping, and wakes up the brain from its more languid state. It’s akin to a Zen thing typically. You’re not really thinking of much which makes the mind feel impatient and neglected.

2. ¬†Heavy Metal Music: Or any music which has a driving beat. Whether you like Air Supply, Katy Perry, AC/DC, or some good old fashioned C & C Music Factory, turn it up and jam out for a few minutes. Study the lyrics (as appropriate, I doubt you’ll get much mileage from Poker Face, but what do I know?). Watch the video. Ideas await within.

3. Watch a Summer Blockbuster: They are usually visually dynamic flicks guaranteed to be chock full of action and excitement (though not often long on story). Your mission? Let your mind unwind for a bit and let the eyes have their candy.

4. Pulp it: Grab an old pulp magazine or story or even a comic or graphic novel. You know, one of those y0u have long heard good things about (such as The Watchmen) or just one you know will be full of goodness (like any Hellboy). If you don’t have easy access to these (and you should), watch an animated flick, and mission is accomplished. For example, there is nice little animated Spider-Man series streaming on Netflix even as we speak (err, at least at the time of this writing).

5. Game On!: Flip on your console, grab your joystick, and get some gaming in. I’m not talking about the cerebral here (such as Heavy Rain). We want to get you out of your winter funk, remember? We want something with action. Something to fire you up, such as Call of Duty. While entertaining, I promise you it is very active, and you’ll find yourself swept away with the joy of the hunt or the rage when you are pwned by some 12 year old and keep seeing a Kill Cam flashing Nemesis on your screen (not that this has ever happened to me, mind you).

Doing one or more of these things is certain to get your mind bubbling like a cauldron on a Balrog’s belly, and you’ll be able to hit the keyboard like the Hulk on Nazi crank. Trust me. When have I ever lied to you? Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

1 Note on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Indoor Creativity”

  1. I’d add to the list:

    6. Read an Action/Adventure Novella: If you simply need a day of rest, give your brain some creative fuel by picking out that action/adventure novella you’ve been wanting to read, settling into your favorite comfy spot, and let yourself get lost in the pages.

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